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failed nursing degree

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    I have recently failed an exam and asked to withdraw from my nursing course. I am still passionate about nursing and wish to reapply for the same course at another university, do i need to disclose that i have already failed the course once?

    I'm really sorry to hear that OP

    Did you have any extenuating/mitigating circumstances at all? Have you looked in to your university's appeals process?

    If you've absolutely exhausted all options and the only option you have now is to withdraw but you'd like to re-apply, I would recommend you be completely honest on your application as these things tend to reveal themselves at one point or another and the ramifications of this are not worth it.

    Universities are sympathetic, I'd email the universities you wish to apply to first explaining your situation, and those who are still willing to consider your application are the ones you should be applying to.

    And finally, please don't be disheartened OP, anyone who has ever meaningfully succeeded at anything in life has failed at one point or another, there is no success without failure, it's commendable you still wish to continue with your degree in spite of this, this is a great attitude to have and I wish you the very best of luck for the future!
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    Hi, I had a number of mitigating circumstances and have appealed as far as i can take i but because i did not seek therapy or visit the doctors seeking support it was not upheld. I was wondering if i should disclose this but i am worried that disclosing the fact i have already failed the course once it will have ramifications. also there are only a few universities i will be applying for as i am wanting to study close to home second time around.
    thanks for the advise

    You will have to tell future universities and mitigating circumstances can't be applied for retrospectively. Non-disclosure is basically lying and as you know is very much frowned upon. It may depend on which exam you failed, ie if it was maths/numeracy you're unlikely to find another university that will accept you. Sorry.
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Updated: April 22, 2016
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