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I'm still in love with my ex.

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    I really ruined things with my ex, like really ruined.

    I felt so uncomfortable with myself and I easily got jealous. It always caused an argument because I always compared myself to others and couldn't understand why he wanted to be with me and he just grew to find that tiring and an unattractive quality. When we both went to uni it hit a peak, before I was able to keep a lid on it and rationalise it, but when I got to uni I became miserable because I wasn't enjoying it because of where I was and it just wasn't a good place for me so it put strain on our relationship because he's such a social person and found it easy to make friends and he just went out all the time and enjoyed himself whilst I was kinda just hanging around in my flat waiting for him to text me because I felt I had no one.

    Since then I realise that was stupid because you can't just live through each other you have to have separate lives. I just got so attached and clingy because he was happy so it made me happier knowing he was okay and stuff, but at the same time I guess I was jealous that he was going out and having fun so I'd end up getting annoyed. Towards the end of February I'd settled down because I knew it was coming to the end of having to be long distance and I'd applied to the same uni so we would be together in September and it would be easier, but obviously he broke up with me and he says he hates who I am as a person, but he knows the way I was acting was just down to the circumstances and wasn't really me, I just reacted badly and put the strain on him, and I still have such strong feelings for him and it's been almost 6 weeks, but I just don't know what to do. I've taken a lot better care of myself and gained my independence and know it could work out and be okay because I've had that break and know what I did wrong and it's made me stronger and I can learn from it, and you can't force someone to be with you, but he won't even try to see I've changed and I just really love him and it's heartwrenching knowing I've ruined things by just not being myself anymore.

    I'm miserable because when I see him it's still such strong feelings and he said he has no urge or want to get to know me again to see if I've changed, but all of our mutual friends say he still seems like he likes me but I'm just so lost.

    I really love him and I just want us to work out.

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    (Original post by AdorableDrip)

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    People are either sleeping or they are at school

    You've given it your all, you really do have to just move on. Talk to more people again, be outgoing and leave it in the past as an experience. Even if you were in love, not everything works out and its likely thats not gonna change after six weeks. Move on
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