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Phone insurance jerkwads !

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    OK, last week I sent my beloved 64gb 1020 lumia to o2 insurance to get the screen fixed and they sent me a loaner handset till it got fixed...or so i thought.

    it turns out the loaner handset, which had no working camera button / simcard tray, more damaged screen than the one i sent to be fiixed, sub 1 day battery life (despite doing nothing with the handset) and kept over heating in bottom right hand...is my new handset for keeps and that I wont get my phone ,which I paid outright for, back. I am currently asking them to return my handset back but they are unable to find it and are offering me a 1020 with half the memory (32gb) in yellow instead of black.

    what do I do as yellow 1020s look lame imo (unless your a girl) and it is a) a 2nd hand handset with less memory and probably has been abused more than my old phone. I really want my old phone back as it was a good reliable useable phone which could easily get 2-3 days battery life out

    **** happens

    Shouldn't they replace the lost item with an exact replica (or something of the same value)? :erm:

    When did you buy the product outright? was it new when you bought it?

    What does your insurance policy say?

    Your options are.

    Try and make a claim under the Consumer Rights Act 2015, but it depends on the cause of the fault. If it was accidental damage, then thats your problem and it falls under the insurance policy. That's why you have to read the insurance polciy on replacement.

    If you are unhappy hen you just have to make a complaint that they arent delivering you what he insurance says. If they still inisist then appeal, if hey dont satisft the complaint, then make an appeal to the insurance ombudsman. Th balance is being huffy and forcefulness that they relent becayse hey think you know what you are doing and they should give in.

    So there are several policies, so make sure you get the correct one, but the first one I looked at indicated

    2. What You’re entitled to with Mobile Insurance from O2Section a – Damage, Theft or Accidental LossIf Your Equipment is Damaged, Accidentally Lost or Stolen, in return for paying Your Premium, We, subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions below will at Our discretion either:1. Repair Your Equipment2. Replace Your Equipment with a product of similar specifi cation as determined by Us.S b – Replacement EquipmentWhereIf You make a successful Claim, We will provide You with Replacement Equipment. Wherevever possible We will replace Your Equipment with a model of a similar specifiation as ddetermined by Us this might be a different colour or model from a different manufacturer. In the event that We are unable to replace Your Equipment with the exact model, We accept no responsibility for delay should You decide to wait for an exact replacement rather than accept a model of similar specifi cation as determined by Us.

    so assuming other policies are similar it tells us two things- you have a right to expect a similar specification and even though its determined by them, you should appeal.

    It suggest you cna wait and ask for a replacement of the exact model, but you will have to wait. If you hold out they may cave and come up with alternative suggestions of an even better model to make you go away.
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Updated: April 21, 2016
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