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Working around a part-time masters

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    I've got a place to study Special and Inclusive Education at Bristol Uni this September and I've opted to do it part time because I have no financial support other than the little leftover bit of government postgrad loan I'm going to have left after paying fees.

    I work at a college and can get Learning Support Assistant work very easily but I'm worried this won't pay enough for me to live. I'm also worried about course hours: how soon will I know the hours I'll be in the university? Working in education I need to apply for work for September very soon. I am a (very close to being) qualified teacher so I could possibly get teaching hours but I worry about the pressures of teaching and studying.

    Has anybody done this? How did you find it? Can you please tell me I am going to be able to afford to live? Not having any of the dispensations full time students get doesn't feel very fair but I definitely couldn't afford a full time masters as it stands.

    I can't offer very much advice apart from checking with the uni about what hours you'll be expected to be on campus/doing taught stuff.

    Lots of part-time education Masters are designed to attract practicing teachers (I did one over 3 years while teaching part-time) - so contact hours are designed to fit around this, i.e. evenings, weekends, school holidays.

    I had a look at the description for your course and it states that:

    'This pathway focuses on inclusive practice and is intended for teachers and other professionals working with students who are experiencing barriers to learning and participation and/or other special educational needs; whether in mainstream, special schools/units, colleges or early years settings'

    Sounds as if LSA/teaching work would not only be possible, but also beneficial (in that it feeds into your assignments/research) - although the bit about the pressures of teaching/studying is certainly correct, it's hard work doing both.
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Updated: April 22, 2016
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