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please help: depressed, can't work and exams are two weeks away

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    I've had symptoms of depression for months, maybe years. I've been dismissing them and just telling myself I'm lazy, sad and antisocial, but this week I've finally been able to admit something is wrong with me. I've seen a GP and been referred to a psychiatrist, but I'm scared it's way too late. I'm not on here to discuss depression just yet - I don't think I'm ready for that. I just wanted to see if anyone can give me some practical advice:

    My 2nd year exams are less than two weeks away. I have a coursework due in two days that counts for 50% of my module's grade. I haven't been able to do a minute of work or revision. It's like my brain refuses to do anything. I haven't attended the lectures of two of my modules because they were morning lectures and I just couldn't get out of bed. I know I won't hand in that coursework and I'm definitely going to fail my exams - whether that's from not having revised or just not being brave enough to sit them in the first place. I know it sounds like I'm just lazy and I need to wake up and work but it's honestly like I'm physically incapable of it. I'm hoping someone out there knows what I'm talking about and can understand.

    I don't know how to save myself. I want to get help and treatment but it's just coming at the worst time. I know I can apply for extenuating circumstances but what does that mean for me? Will I be able to resit my exams? Will I have to redo the year? Should I just dropout/ defer studies? If I tell my department and fail/don't sit my exams, will they count as a fail? The best I'll get for the coursework is a week's extension and I know that will do nothing for me. I really don't want this rough patch to ruin my studies and my career goals. I feel like I'm failing and it's totally out of my control.

    Has anyone been through this? What did you do?

    You need to speak to your course leader / tutor if you haven't done so already.

    GP and coure tutor asap. cant do anything if they dont know. they will have dealt with it before. Try and decide what you want.

    Might as well work as much as you can in the days you have left. Don't look into the past - you cannot change it. Instead, find a room to work in (library or lecture theatre etc) take all your stuff and just work. Don't worry if you don't finish it - actually doing some work is going to get you a higher grade than nothing at all.

    There will be a large temptation to look into the past and blame yourself for the situation you are in. You should avoid doing this - everyone makes mistakes and has times when they screw up, but you just need to focus on the present so that you don't screw up more things. Don't focus on the future either, as it is not an inevitability - you are going to change it by working.

    To summarise: focus on the present situation and only that. Work out ways to improve the situation you are in, not necessarily aiming to completely solve the problem.
    Don't think about the past or future, they are irrelevant right now. If they come into your mind, shoo them away, they are unwanted.

    PS: Avoid caffeine if at all possible. It will only succeed in stimulating your anxiety. This is something I've learned from first-hand experience. Trust me, it's not worth the alertness and awakening it provides.
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Updated: April 21, 2016
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