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break up advice

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    My boyfriend of 3 years left me to join the priesthood. It is braking my heart. Was very sudden. He said he had tried to deny it (the call) but he couldn't, he just had such a pull to the church, no matter how much he already did to help it was never enough . I dont hate him, i just hate what happened. I miss him soo much as we had a perfect relationship, spent so much time together and have always been honest etc, he was my best friend also so I now have a void. Its hard that i have to accept that i can no longer be with him. I still care soo much and dont know if ill ever get over him. I would give anything for him to change his mind...
    I would still love to be his friend but there is no way that can happen in the near future as my heart will just cling on.
    People tell me loads of things to try and help and I appreciate that but I don't wanna hear 'you'll find someone else, you're only young' etc... we had planned our life together and now we have to be apart, my mind cant cope with that.
    Any advice?

    Time heals all wounds Nicole, and as much as you hate hearing what other people say, they are kinda right. The likely hood that you and him will be together again is slim, so it will be best for both parties to try and move on, no matter how painful it will be.
    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news

    Probably can't help but I have been in a similar situation.
    It does hurt because there is no one to blame and that it some ways makes it harder. It was hard because it wasn't my choice and not what I wanted.
    You will adjust to it in time. It's not easy but you'll be fine. Hope you're OK x

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Updated: April 24, 2016
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