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Demented retard Maths teacher?

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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    Hahaha, 'swimming badges' really? You shouldn't talk about yourself like that ya know XD
    Yeah I got my 30 metre badge. Can you go that far? Can anyone go that far? Is that a world record??!!

    That poor pink calculator it needs representing. I cna guarantee if that had happened to me I would have complained and if it had been damaged, then id have got an apology at least.

    (Original post by ByronicHero)
    Hmm, something isn't adding up....
    Her calculator perhaps?

    (Original post by 999tigger)
    That poor pink calculator it needs representing. I cna guarantee if that had happened to me I would have complained and if it had been damaged, then id have got an apology at least.
    Yeah, maybe an apology - but I can't see your teacher being fired and having his reputation destroyed as a result

    All my calculators have some level of writing on them, from people scribbling on them with permanent marker.

    (Original post by JoeTSR)
    Yeah, for sure, it was a momentary slip-up, something they thought would be funny for everyone, that the other person didn't take so well. But I think we've all done something stupid in our lives, if we weren't forgiven for those things, we wouldn't have any friends.

    I had a teacher who used to climb on top of tables to demonstrate what prepositions were, and once put a student in a (clean, only containing paper) bin. Out of context, that sounds awful, but no one was hurt by it, everyone was always able to laugh, and it livened up the lessons. Overall, he was the best teacher I've ever had.

    I'd much prefer a teacher who's able to have fun, maybe very occasionally accidentally edging over the line with someone who didn't appreciate it, to someone who hates their job and just reads facts out of a textbook.
    i remember when had in 2 years i had 3 construction teachers
    1-a great guy used to let us laugh and joke about, would show of his cars (he had six great ones so new one every week of the term)
    2-again good less friendly work got done and we were allowed radio and coffee
    3- work only, an utter c**t who managed to mess the course up that badly that no one actually passed the practical until it was contested and everyone got passes
    the same can be said for the bus drivers we had 3 in 5 years
    1-a great guy who was called jamie would talk to people when he wasn't driving and would let the bus run itself sometime if he had the right bus would put dvd's on (older years controlled discipline and it worked perfectly)
    2-he literally only checked passes not another word was spoken
    3-he got angry and stopped the bus for half an hour over the discipline system(he got reported to the head of year and was dismissed at the end of the year
    3 days later)
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Updated: April 24, 2016
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