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Preparation for fasting during exam period

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    Hey guys! :woo:

    First off, let's just make this clear. There's already a discussion on this thread on the benefits of fasting or not, whether it's circumpolar for your circumstances or not; and whether you think the whole fasting thing is just nonsense.

    And if you do think the whole fasting thing is nonsense, I would prefer you guys to take any/all discussion to that thread since most of the arguments are already done there. But of course, you have your right to express your opinion and question our beliefs, just know that there'll probably be no response to them on this thread.

    ANYHOO - onto what the thread is actually about!! Which is....

    :woo: ! ! Preparations for Ramadan! ! :woo:

    Let's not kid ourselves into thinking that the fasts coming up ahead won't be hard. Exam stress + Hot weather + Fasting long hours = :eek:

    But obviously, we have faith that we can do it! :cool:

    Though that doesn't mean we can't make it a bit easier for ourselves too :teeth:.

    :fyi:I think we should have practice runs before Ramadan actually comes, and here's what I mean by this. It's going to be hard and if you only just start fasting when Ramadan comes it's going to be really difficult because it'll be a sudden change of lifestyle.

    Though I guess if you're like me, then these aren't really practice fasts but rather the fasts that you need to replace :teehee:.

    Having preparations for the fasting and already getting used to it will be a smart thing to do IMO. :yep:

    What I'm planning to do is do practice fasts. I'm going to start next week, for two weeks I will be fasting on Mondays and Thursday.

    And then for the next week, I'll slot in an extra day.

    Next week, slot in another day etc.

    I want to train myself to be able to withstand the days so then fasting will be easy for me, well easier when it comes to exams. Also little things like, drinking lots of water before Fajr, getting up and leaving home early so I don't have to run to the bus. Talk less and focus, breathe through my nose, always seek the shade even though I feel like taking a stroll outside for some nice sunshine. Walking more slowly etc.

    I think this approach is good because what if you think you can fast but when it comes to it you feel like it affects you too much and then you stop fasting.

    This approach will also help you know whether you can actually do it or not. But don't give up after 1-2 practice fasts :lol:.

    REMEMBER: If you don't decide to fast then no-one can judge you for it. It is between you and Allah.

    You can prepare for the fast so you can be ready for it and you'll dread it less. Obviously ask dua to Allah to make your fasting easier and make you cope well.

    So yeah I advise fellow Muslims to start a practice run of sorts so Ramadan doesn't affect your functions too much.

    Only tagging the people on the first page of the other thread + a few friends, so tag peeps not mentioned!!!
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    Amazing idea, count me in
    May Allah make it easy for all of us to fast this Ramadan.

    Posted from TSR Mobile

    This is a really good idea. Count me in!!

    I was thinking of doing something like this.

    Hopefully these fasts will go smoothly for everyone. May Allah help us and give us support.

    Good luck with everyone who is planning ob doing something like this!!!
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Updated: April 21, 2016
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