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Should pork be allowed in British Schools?

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    (Original post by JoeTSR)
    Not a written source unfortunately, and it depends on the school (I think some universities pay more). However, at a top-end private boarding school, one of the dinner ladies told us when one of us asked (I was there, it wasn't Chinese whispers) that they spent £1.20 a day total per student, for a total of 3 meals a day, plus a snack.

    You could tell when they'd upped the budget (mainly when parents were visiting and eating, maybe the odd special occasion). If you're curious, look up Sodexho/Sodexo for some more concrete figures on just how little plenty of schools spend on food. And the food wasn't actually too bad for 40p a day (though the vegetarian option almost always won hands down).
    Hm, that seems very cheap. I went to a probably middle market private day high school and I think my folks paid like £3.50 or something a day, although obviously I don't know what they actually spent on the pupils. I assume there was a hefty margin in it. They seemed to be able to put together a decent lunch with meat and fish and such like, though.

    I'll have a look at your figures (y)

    If pork is banned, that would infringe on people's right/cultural right to eat pork.

    Your culture forbids you from eating pork, but no one is forcing you to eat pork. You should not force your culture onto others in the name of multiculturalism. It works both ways.

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    No... is there anyone that actually answered yes? I wouldn't go to a Muslim country as and expect them to bend over backwards catering to me. I'd follow their customs while still living to my morals.

    Why on earth would we have to take pork off school diners to cater towards them? No one is forcing them to follow their religion. If they're not allowed to eat pork, fine. Don't take any jobs that include handling pork then. It's like me being allergic to chocolate then starting a petition because i can't work in a chocolate factory.
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Updated: April 22, 2016
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