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Free up prisons, give people some of the rights lions have.

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    Our justice system is pathetic. It is so bad that it actually encourages criminality. Let me explain. If you go to a zoo or some location in Africa and climbed into a lions den, you would become dead fairly quickly and fairly painfully. Nobody would blame the lions and they would not be arrested for murder, or eating people. As a result, only a minority of people actually try to walk into a lions den or cuddle a polar bear.

    Now lets apply the same logic to burglars. If I catch some scrote breaking into my shed or house to steal stuff, you can be pretty confident that the burgler is gonna get mangled. In which case I will get arrested for murder or something. Mutilating someone who for all I know could cause me serious harm IS REASONABLE FORCE!

    Well lets get rid of the whole issue by allowing owners of property to maim and mangle all those who attempt to steal, destroy or otherwise deprive us of our hard earned stuff. Not only is it very unusual for dead people to re-offend, but they do not need a prison cell either. In addition, it is a strong deterrent for burglars if they know they are gonna get brutalized if caught (see lion analogy). Ofcourse this isnt a perfect system as cops will still need to investigate the crime to see if it really was a burglar and not someone you have lured coz he shagged your missus. However the benefits far outweigh the risks. This simple rule would greatly enhance the justice system all by itself. Am I a genius or what!

    A lion acts like an animal so it belongs in a cage or far enough away from civilization, same for you and your barbarism.

    It's quite simply, you catch a burglar, you point your shotgun at him, tell him to gtfo, then call the police.

    I like it...

    I was unimpressed to find out that if when away from home you set a trap for intruders, for example the draw to your valuables has a knife on a trigger which makes it impale a hand going inside, they can in fact file criminal charges against you! BS.

    I'd also add the death penalty should come back, used rarely of course but there are numerous cases where there is absolutely no doubt. For example repeat murderer/rapist who's semen is found in the bodies, has their DNA/blood in his vehicle etc. Admits to doing it but has no remorse. Now what is the point of living them life in a cage? Prison is meant to be about a mixture of punishment and rehabilitation, there is no fit punish for such crimes and the person clearly isn't going to be safe out in the world.....so just end them. We put down a dog for biting someone ONCE, yet won't put down a human who's killed multiple others?

    Well, I guess I'll be the first person to point out that OP is nuts.
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Updated: April 22, 2016
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