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If you had the power, how would you stop IS(Islamic State)

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    (Original post by Defraction)
    I listen to Trap- it's an under-rated music genre- it's mostly beats(hard ones it's really similar to rap but without vocals kind of)
    I also listen to Rap- my favourite rappers are J Cole and Kendrick Lamar because they are so philosophical when they rap- I LOVE THEM SO MUCH.
    Yes! That's it.

    We can use your music to get rid of them.
    We'll mount massive speakers so it can be heard miles away.


    Just kidding.

    As for the rap, I only know one artist. Ugh.. I'm so disappointed in myself.

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    Certainly not what the "super powers" are doing now.

    follow the money...

    (Original post by Defraction)
    Everyone talks about what the government are doing right or wrong to IS- there is a lot of chatter but not a lot of doing. So if you had the power what would you do to stop IS?
    Elect Donald Trump - as much as I disagree with many of his policies, he is the only politician who will have the balls to do something about Daesh and terrorism. All other politicians blow hot air from their recta and do very little about it.

    If I personally had the power, I would launch nuclear missiles onto all IS-held areas of Syria, after capturing Daesh leaders and publicly decapitating them. They need a taste of their own medicine.

    Pretty much what we are doing now but on a larger scale while training the army to aid the fight on the ground, we can damage them from the air and then end it on the ground.
    But while we are doing that we would have to work on eradicating everyone outside of the main groups in Europe, you have to crush the enemy completely.

    Not sure. Not that it is, but if it were actually possible, I'd want them in the strictest prisons for the rest of their lives. Solitary confinement and not paid for by our taxes. Whatever it is, they should be miserable for destroying and risking so many lives.

    Strangle the press stop reporting on these idiots
    Strangle funding by reducing arms market, sanctions on countries where clerics fund extremism, play the Saudis and Iran of each other.
    Work with Muslim regional powers like Pakistan who were loyal during the cold war to apply pressure.

    (Original post by Defraction)
    Everyone talks about what the government are doing right or wrong to IS- there is a lot of chatter but not a lot of doing. So if you had the power what would you do to stop IS?
    The future US President will have the answers, it will all kick off.
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Updated: April 22, 2016
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