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Need help - Where to go?

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    So in the summer holidays before I go to uni I want to go travelling for the whole 2 months however I can't decide where to go?

    I'll be a solo female traveller with limited money and so I want somewhere friendly and safe, however I'm not really fond on inter-railing around Europe or going on a group holiday like Gap360 offer, I like choosing my own agenda but other than that I want to travel all over the world.

    Any suggestions?

    This is first time you travel outside your country, you should choose SEA countries with safer and cheap, I guarantee. You can visit Vietnam-Thailand and Cambodia during 2 weeks. Homestay and hostel are popular way for backpackers. You can visit golden temples and enjoy streets foods in Thailand, cruise tour and trekking, sightseeings in Vietnam as well. If you worry about itinerary, you should read more at: Travelfish.org and Vietnam Tour Booking as well. If you has any question, ask me!
    Happy travels!

    STA travel is a good company for student travelling, they offer set choices all over the world and the prices aren't super expense either. My sister used them years ago when she toured Australia and America and said it was amazing!


    I'm a female 18 year old and have travelled quite a bit. If you want to really see a place but have little money, I would highly recommend Sri Lanka. Apart from flights which can get pricey, the overall cost of living and finding somewhere safe to stay is very low. I'm half Sri Lankan and have been there several times - sometimes on my own and I can safely say say it's very female-friendly. I had no trouble getting hassled by men or anything. As long as you keep your wits about you you'll be fine. It's a beautiful country and you can go to many places from there. If you have any questions just ask I've been to India, China, UAE, South Africa, Morocco, Canada and many more so I'd be happy to assist in any way Safe travels! X

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Updated: April 25, 2016
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