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Hello, my name is Montgomery_G!

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    I'm studying... Maths, Further Maths, Physics, and Chemistry

    I'm interested in... Aeronautical Engineering

    My study level is... AS-level

    [QUOTE=Prah;64310267]Nice to meet you I am new too
    my study level is O-level and I am interested in the sciences and hope to offer medicine someday and I could use some advice from a senior
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    (Original post by Prah)
    Nice to meet you I am new too
    my study level is O-level and I am interested in the sciences and hope to offer medicine someday and I could use some advice from a senior
    Well first I would say that for me to give some accurate advice I would need to know how you are finding O-level. Also, I am not sure if O-level has changed at all since I did them.

    However, I will try anyway. When I did my GCSE's (O-level) I found them all rather easy. I was able to coast through will very little effort and still get 8 A's and 2B's. I think this was because at GCSE, one doesn't require a huge amount of understanding. Subjects like biology and chemistry were mostly recalling facts, without knowing why that fact was true.

    When I started doing me AS levels, I soon realised that it focuses a lot more on the why of a process than the end result. This means that they ask you questions on things you may not have studied directly, but have studied a process that is very similar to it.

    The best way I can explain this is as follows; in maths you are taught trigonometry, this allows you to answer a near infinite amount of questions regarding right-angle triangles. They do this rather than teaching you every possible answer to every possible question on right-angle triangles. This is now what is now also done in the Sciences. They teach a lot more method than they do answers, allowing you to answer a lot more questions on the subject (and allowing the exam board to ask a greater variety of questions)

    I would suggest that you be prepared for this type of teaching, don't just read what you are told to. Make sure you fully understand why something happens before you tell yourself that you can answer questions on it. Read around the subject as well, look for good sources (books, websites, documentaries, etc.), and learn things that you may not need to know that relate to what you're studying, it may come up later or allow you to just be surer that you know how something is applicable.

    I'm not sure If this is the answer you were looking for (or if it was too long/short), but I will try to answer any other questions you many have if you want to ask them.

    Thanks a lot i really needed that advice thank you soooo much
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Updated: April 22, 2016
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