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clutch control and turn in the road

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    reposting bc I put it in the wrong topic...


    These are probably gonna seem like silly questions but pls don't laugh, or mock you were all once learners too lol!

    I really can't seem to get my head around clutch control even though im 8 lessons in. Last time I was coming down a narrow road and the driver oncoming showed no intention of pulling in so my instructor told me to and I did but stopped the car which assuming by my instructors sigh I wasn't to do (i'm guessing). In this situation am I supposed to slow the car down, drop the clutch shift down a gear and use clutch control?

    Lastly, does anyone have any tips for mastering the 3 point turn, I managed one good one and the second one my mind went totally blank!

    There's no such thing as a stupid question!

    1. I would've stopped. If you're unsure then that's the wise thing to do. But maybe ask your instructor about what to do for next time.

    2. Make sure to use reference points in the car! It will help you massively. Youll then realize whereabouts the car is positioned on the road so that you don't touch the kerb.
    Also, right before you stop (during the manoeuvre) take some steering lock off as you will be able to apply the full amount of opposite lock quicker that way, also enabling you to complete the manoeuvre easier!

    Hope this helps you!

    Did write reply on other post have a read hope it helps

    The narrower the road the more to the centre you go and the slower you should be.

    First point, you clearly do not understand when the clutch goes in.
    This you must take up with you're instructor. You would drop or dip or press the clutch in when stopping or changing gear. If slowing down, continue braking till the engine starts to make a kidding noise, immediately put the clutch below biting point to stop it stalling, secure the car by applied the parking brake and think ahead. Then into first gear get to biting point and look asses decide and act.

    Read up on chicanes and you'll improve you're understanding of meet and greet situations with vehicles.

    Second point, break the TITR into its basic form. Move right reverse left move right

    Here is a link, this is what I teach my pupils.


    The turn in the road gets easier the more you do it. I know I used to get halfway through, and then completely blank what I was meant to do next.

    Reference points are key with any manoeuvre.

    The reference points I've been taught and that work for me: when going forward, you stop when the kerb comes under the wing mirror.

    When going back, stop when the kerb reaches the door handle.

    Always remember that it's full lock right for going forwards, full lock left for reversing. That was where I'd trip up. If you keep the car slow, and in control, you will be able to do all of this with ease.

    My instructor said when I needed reminding, "Slow car, quick steering." It's a lot to take in at first- but once you've mastered it, it really is quite easy. You'll get there.

    As for the other question, stop if you're uncertain. Always better to be safe than sorry.
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