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Article: Should all schools have a counselling service?

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    (Original post by moll2015)
    I think that teachers should have basic training in cousilling. Most teachers know students really well and build a bond with students so it would be better to be able to approach someone who knows you more than a stranger. That's my opinion.
    I agree with this. Or at least teachers should have training in identifying when someone might need counselling and referring them appropriately.

    The problem is more to stop bullying than deal with people who feel bad due to being poor, a little slower or whatever bug that will be almost impossible so instead do a little to help victims is far easier for them but still hugely damaging

    I personally feel that as I have and still do experience mental health first hand, that being depression and anxiety, I do think think that counselling should be offered in every school. At secondary school I felt very alone and that people did not understand me, and was to scared to open up to teachers as they were not specially trained to talk and to offer support to students professionally. I strongly think that if counselling was in every school, the well being of each student would increase, grades would increase and overall the majority of students would be happy. If the teachers were to be trained in counselling or if there was a school counsellor for each school, it would greatly help. Only now in college I have opened up to my tutors as they have openly discussed mental health and have told me about the help they can offer. I can only exaggerate this point so much to get across to people that mental health is important, and can happen to anyone- happiness is one of the most important things in life, having it can help massively.

    I definitely think so, although they say that you can talk to teachers about anything, if the problem is with a teacher, you can't necessary approach another teacher, it's difficult.
    But I stand by this so much. I think that especially as school can cause so much anxiety, especially with so much pressure being a young individual, definitely schools should have a counselling service.
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Updated: May 14, 2016
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