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Article: Six times when you'll be glad you chose ensuite accommodation

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Why bother with a post grad? Are they even worth it? Have your say! 26-10-2016

    (Original post by PQ)
    And when you go into second year and get a shared house?

    Or are you planning on living in private halls throughout your course?
    Once again, there's a difference between sharing with random people and sharing with people you'll know. I'll stay in a shard house with friends. As that's not the same as sharing a bathroom with 4-12 people I've never met prior to moving in. I don't know how they were raised

    I'm practically en suite in this place

    Indeed. People are occasionally sick on the floor or defecate/urinate on the floor in my place and it's disgusting.

    The choice between £1000-£2000 cash in hand and getting my own toilet? I'm taking the money every time. I'd probably take it even if the difference were only £100.

    I shared with up to 6 people through uni and the number of times I had to wait at all (as in, went to the bathrooms and absolutely none were available) was probably once per year if that.

    In other countries like the US getting your own bedroom is a rarity - its all 2-4 person dorms.

    People are free to spend their money on what they want of course but I have to say I think that anyone who chooses an en-suite has either got their priorities very backwards, or is very rich to the extent that money means nothing to them.

    If people have the money, then good for them. I'd have loved to have en suite, but it was about £2000 extra :/ that said, sharing really isn't as bad as some people paint it out to be. I've only had a few occasions of needing to wait, or having to ask other students to clean up after themselves :P

    En suite


    I chose to have an en-suite, because you're going to be living with complete strangers. You know nothing about their cleaning habits or hygiene in general.

    I'm really glad I did. As my flatmates seemed to have any idea about living standards. I do not want to ever know what their bathrooms were like, especially when one of them said they hadn't cleaned their toilet yet, it was the 5th week of Uni for crying out loud!

    Having that separate bathroom was a god send. However much I tried to keep that kitchen clean, it would always be a mess. Having the en-suite meant at least I had my own area clean and tidy.

    Now yes next year (four weeks tomorrow) I'm living in a student house, but I will be sharing with people I've become really good friends with. They too care about keeping the place clean, plus I feel like I would be able to tell them if they weren't pulling their weight.

    I would have been fine with sharing everything except a sink - I wear contacts that are replaced monthly instead of daily, and you don't know how clean the sinks are for washing your hands and putting things in your eyes. And if I do happen to drop one I'll feel better about rinsing it and putting it in anyway than in a gross bathroom between 12 people. I couldn't get a guarantee that my room would have a sink in it if I did go for shared bathroom, so I went for en-suite. Also, I like my long showers, and since this is probably the last year I don't have to pay the water bill... (Plus the little monthly problem I have to deal with. Your own toilet and bin are appreciated.)
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Updated: September 15, 2016
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