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Current Affairs RAF OASC Interview

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    Hi Guys,

    I find this part of the Interview the hardest as I am always unsure of what topics would be suitable to use and revise for the final section of the interview. I'm not looking to be spoon fed here I'm just looking to give myself the best possible chance of succeeding by trying to improve on an area which I know I have previously been weak in.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated!



    By the way my OASC board is 24th May! If anybody else is on the same board then send me a message

    The rule of thumb is 5 domestic topics, 5 international topics. Know what's going on, what your viewpoint is - and why - and why you thought it was something to mention. In the case of the international ones, have an idea about why the RAF might be interested.

    Try to know each of them in detail, use more than one source to find out about them.

    Whatever you chose, have an opinion on those subjects that you can justify.

    Read some broadsheets and a magazine like the Economist. Current hot topics, include Brexit, Refugee Crisis, Panama papers and Tax avoidance, Zika Virus and Olympics in Brazil, Government spying. Make sure you read the editorials and opinions. It's good to know both sides of the arguments but you need to justify your position.

    Fantastic magazine to read is 'The Week'.

    It recaps the past 7 days' most important stories from the UK, and has great insights into the arguments.

    Also, the RAF newspaper, speaks for itself.

    I have just been on OASC and chose the following:

    UK: EU Referendum, Migrant Crisis, IndyRef 2 in Scotland, Treatment of junior doctors, UK Steel

    International: POTUS Elections, Zika virus, gun laws in the US, ISIS, North korea's rocket/nuclear tests

    BBC news is obviously good for these but look to respected newspapers for those extra nuggets of information.

    I was asked about IndyRef 2 and POTUS Elections. Do learn all the topics in plenty of detail and state your opinion on them. The interviewer will play devils advocate and you simply need to argue your case. If there is an ongoing issue which you have a strong opinion on or feel passionately about, definitely bring that up (as a Scot, I was lucky with IndyRef 2).
    I think that the level of difficulty depends on the interviewer. Other people told me that they are at your throat for opinions and back up facts and I went into the interview under this impression. Instead I felt that I wasn't pushed too hard for information and opinions. It was more like a conversation - albeit an opinionated one! This may have been a freak one-off but my advice is to learn all the topics inside and out so that it is you giving the interviewer a hard time! You will earn bonus points for this!

    If you need to know anything else about the OASC process, let me know. It's all fresh in my mind and I have written up a bit of a thesis to help others know what to expect.

    Best of luck!
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Updated: May 7, 2016
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