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Barack Obama: Brexit would put UK at 'back of the queue' in trade talks

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    (Original post by DorianGrayism)

    It is Obama's business since will directly affect America.
    ....and the UK is voteing to decide its own future, not America's.

    (Original post by Pegasus2)
    ....and the UK is voteing to decide its own future, not America's.
    and that vote will affect America....What is so hard to understand?

    Also, considering that America is the UK's biggest non EU trading partner, any person with a brain would take their opinion into account.

    (Original post by TimmonaPortella)
    Yes, I've noted he was careful with his tone. That can't obscure the fact that he came to this country to aid one particular campaign in a national ballot; not just to tell us about the American interest and likely response, but to tell us what our own interests require.

    I don't think the IMF (an international organisation) or CEOs (private citizens) are fairly analogous to the leader of an allied country.
    1) In his capacity as the potus I think he does have an authority to chime in abt any global affairs that his country has vested interest in. Wether he said this from the White House or from Downing Street is absolutely irrelevant.

    2) well if you want to discount the views of the Imf and the successful CEOs what about the Chinese president or Indian pm chiming abt Brexit?

    Tell you what when people can't refute someone's down right sensible response/all they can do is create a frenzy.

    (Original post by JordanL_)

    Wonder what the leavers have to say about this. Probably the usual rambling about sovereignty, jihadis and immigrants taking our jobs.
    You should consider reading this article: http://uk.reuters.com/article/uk-bri...-idUKKCN0ZE04O

    It seems, as most people said on this thread, that Obama was just doing a favour to Cameron and never meant to put the UK "back in the queue". The USA will even try to rapidly pass a free trade deal with the UK now that it will leave the EU, whilst TTIP negotiations are put on hold.

    Who was right?
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Updated: June 30, 2016
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