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Leaving the EU ruin our special relationship with the USA

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    (Original post by ByEeek)
    But leaving the EU isn't going to stop mass immigration, financial mis-management or poor leadership. We will still have that. It is the British way!

    As for immigration - in the last year, 300,000 non-EU migrants came to the UK. They are the ones we can control. The target was 100,000. And somehow we are going to stop EU migration too? Ha!

    And if as a sovereign nation out of the EU, we will be free of EU legislation. Yeah right! Just out of curiosity, could you give an example of EU legislation that holds us back? We talk about EU red tape without ever actually mentioning specific examples.
    Yes, we could stop the 300,000 non-EU migrants (some of them are students which I don't personally count), and the government is stupid in my belief for not stopping them, but whilst being in the EU, we cannot prevent EU migrants, leaving the EU will give us that right.

    Financial mismanagement is not the British way, its a relatively recent issue, for most of history we were good with finances.

    There are literally thousands of areas where the EU causes trouble, and makes it harder to do business (why do you think Asian national are doing so well, business move there because of the red tape).

    (Original post by The_Opinion)
    There are literally thousands of areas where the EU causes trouble, and makes it harder to do business (why do you think Asian national are doing so well, business move there because of the red tape).
    You have just done it. You talk about red tape - and a lot of it, but don't care to mention even one example.

    Why does Asia do so well? Because they pay their workers peanuts and their workers have absolutely no rights. I guess we could go back to Victorian times where our workers had similar conditions. I guess you would call that progress no?

    I have thought carefully about your post. Though it comes down to a simple thing. 75% of british people want to reduce immigration., and 50 % want it cut severely, how can a governement(elected on 25% of the voting pop) go against this and increase immigration, its wrong, terribily wrong. The answer is Cameron doesnt really care, he sees it adding on to the GDp figures right, and hes not struggling for a low paid job, hes surrounded by rich white english men and women, and cant relate to the working class in this sense.

    Well considering how our 'special relationship' with the US is akin to that of a battered housewife, I'm not exactly sure actions jeopardising that are a bad thing.

    (Original post by Ambitious1999)
    If Britain leaves the EU then the US could fall out with Britain for the first time since the American civil war. It could lead to our expulsion from NATO that would leave Britain exposed to external threats such as terror and force Britain to form a relationship with Russia.

    Nearly all NATO members are in the EU or part of North America of which we'd be neither if we left the EU. Also since the US has the biggest influence in NATO they could ask Britain to leave.

    But then if Britain seeks a new relationship with Russia and Putin would that be a bad thing? Russia has the best foreign policy in the Middle East and is best for stability. So maybe if we are forced into a political and or military union with Russia it could be a good thing but if rather we just stayed in the EU as that's best for stability.
    All the no

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Updated: April 25, 2016
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