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LGBT scene at Durham?

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    (Original post by Venusian Visitor)
    Amazed at all the douchebags in this thread. I can understand wanting an LGBT scene because you know only gays will want to do gay things with you.
    What are 'gay things'?

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    (Original post by Moonstruck16)
    What are 'gay things'?

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    gay sex
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    I decided on Bristol because there's more social stuff in general there too. Good luck at Durham if you go though!

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    Hi OP,

    I'm lesbian and also strongly considering going to Durham this year, the LGBT scene worries me aswell though. However, the train to Newcastle is only 15 mins and apparently there are quite a few gay clubs there. What college is your offer for?

    (Original post by FyrienO)
    So I know that Durham has no LGBT public spaces like bars and cafes etc, and I've also heard that the LGBT society is mainly composed of guys (I'm a girl) and I'm kind of considering another uni because of this, like Bristol, or I might take a year out and apply somewhere else. I know that Newcastle is only a train hop away but Durham feels quite restricted in terms of LGBT stuff, is all of this true? And does anyone know some unis with a cracking LGBT scene (I've heard Sussex is good) because I really want to meet some LGBT people do you think switching unis is the right choice? I feel like I'll be sad if there's few LGBT girls i can talk to and no spaces to go to meet people.
    Hello. I'm from Argentina and I'm considering applying for Durham. I've never been in the UK and I can't speak about how is being from the LGBT community there but I can speak about how is it here. In my school I didn't have a LGBT society or anything like that but I still got LGBT friends. You just manage to start knowing people from your same sexuality. And even those who aren't in anyway gay end up being great friends. I don't think you should choose your university accordingly to how many LGBt people are or how many LGBT places. You don't need that to find LGBT friends. Believe me, you don't.
    Anyway, I hope you find a place that satifies you in that matter but never stop thinking about what's really important for you at the time you start a university. It will afect your future so...
    Good luck!
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