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A dysfunctional type of female personality in the workplace

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    Ever since I got into started working with senior management, as a contractor things have become really strange because of a new type of women that I keep on encountering.

    They are like some type of super hybrid mosquito designed to suck your blood but which zig zags left and right so you can't squash it.

    These are like a super game player type of women aged 30 to 45. They often come from an operational background and lack management thinking and are trying to cover this up.

    They are a sell out, not just in terms of having corporate goals but a sell out even of best practise in the corporate world. They will abandon what they know to be correct at an instant in favour of what a higher up says, then look to play games with taking ownership of things and exerting their perceived power on people. If they get into an argument they just shout until everyone else gives up.

    They play at work with a "political position". When ignored they constantly threaten to escalate and constantly name drop people like "The CEO", "The CIO". Some of them are completely horrible people who rubbish, badmouth and try to run coordinated attacks against people who are trying to do what they know to be is the right course of action if it contradicts their "political position". They put on this fake persona of being really sociable, laughing and chatting - to those do don't see their agenda. Some of them resort to crocodile tears when ultimately challenged. I challenged one who went off - visibility - in tears and took 2 days off when challenged.

    Many middle aged or older and very experienced men are completely exasperated trying to talk to them and see them correctly as people of net disbenefit and people who it's better to just disengage with. They problem is that they are trying to engage.

    They have a mentality of zero scruples and would destroy anything in their path for them. Ego is the highest aim in life and they are not part of any community and can't be trusted as a person in any sense.

    My proposal is that this type of behaviour is identified, given a name and denigrated. These individuals should be identified, verbally put down and removed from organisations. I predict that in a number of years executives will identify how much time and money this time of behaviour is wasting in the workplace.

    Also I need to add that while I have identified all the people who act like this as female, only a small proportion of females are like this.

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    No real societal benefit comes from women in the workplace. So many women now are strutting around offices and indulging in alcohol/drugs and valueless/promiscuous relationships that society has a ticking time bomb on its hands. As soon as feminism and all the associated philosophies that surround it are smashed down then you will begin to see some progress.

    That said, women do have a place as nurses, caterers and those type of softer skills. But fundamentally a 35 hour week in an office or on a construction site is imo totally out of the question.
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Updated: April 24, 2016
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