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Burst into tears at the thought of my job

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    I'm feeling very down right now, having moved to another region of the UK to be with my other half. Yesterday, I burst out into tears at her, having worked nearly two weeks worth of shifts in my new job. I hate it, it's stressful, high pressured food service work.

    I think the reason I'm more upset is because I've risked a lot to be with her, I'm homesick, miss the familiarity and family back home. What's more, I didn't really intend to ever go into this line of work, having gone to university and graduated, however, I did it so I could relocate quicker to be with her sooner- having gone long distance for some time. I was unable to find work in my field due to my inexperience, which is relative to many young grads all over.

    It never was a long term solution, but a money making answer to pay bills. Despite this thought, I just can't stomach the thought of going to work in the mornings, even the few hours, or day or two spent with her in between doesn't justify it. I get that dreaded blues feeling I got as a kid on a Sunday evening before school on Monday morning. Destroys me.

    I know I'm not going to be here forever, but there again I feel like my degree area is pretty competitive and I feel I've lost out to other graduates in my field due to my ability.

    Thing is, I'm in this job until I can find another one (trapped); ideally a grad role in Graphic Design, however, I don't feel my abilities outshine the thousands of others in this country and internationally. It's oversautrated, and I don't really have any secondary "hard skills" to offer. My actual degree was design based but more digital focussed, however that doesn't differentiate me from others.

    I feel you, OP.

    I thankfully managed to get a decent job which has a good hourly rate but not enough hours. Other jobs require experience and skills which I don't have, but I'm learning the software packages so I can meet those requirements.

    I'd suggest that you look at what employers require for your dream job and work towards meeting those requirements.
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