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HIS3G -- British State and People, 1865-1915 AQA A2 June 2016

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Why bother with a post grad? Are they even worth it? Have your say! 26-10-2016

    opening the paper to see that ireland question made my day! it was definitely a lot easier than last year, which was great for my stress levels but means the UMS will probably be quite harsh :/

    I genuinely wrote something very similar to this! I reckon the grade boundaries will be high though.
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    (Original post by PLJohn)
    Yeah, I think it's a general consensus that the Economy is not a good topic. My only issue with time frames was I didn't really know anything for 1896-1901 for the economy other than the Boer War.
    1901 as the end date put me right off the question- we've only been taught 1873-96, so I wouldn't really have much to write about for the end.

    (Original post by lappy482)
    1901 as the end date put me right off the question- we've only been taught 1873-96, so I wouldn't really have much to write about for the end.
    Hopefully it was just to throw us off and it wanted us to mainly focus on 73-96...

    Hi, I'm really worried about my answers :-/

    For the first Ireland question I answered that Gladstone had failed because he hadn't passed home rule and ultimately had split the party and there was still religious divide and violence in Ireland I also used a few historical quotes.

    For the 2nd question I put that some reforms didn't go far enough eg old age pensions and the school meals act but I said overall it was a success because it was the biggest movement towards a welfare state in this period and that it really did aim at helping the working classes and used a few historical quotes.

    Do you think these answers will be ok? :-/ I'm thinking the grade boundaries will be really high so it'll be hard to get an A :-/

    Heres what i put for the answers:

    1. WEG 1 ministry - church success, but main greivance of land failed - limitations to land act
    2. WEG 2 ministry - land addressed but coercion unseats them and cries for home rule
    3. Home rule - lib party split - failure
    4. Home rule - tory at fault - orange card
    5. Disraeli vs gladstone - BD didnt do anything to pacify ireland

    Conclusion - ultimately fsils to pacify ireland - historians claim salisbury pacifird in medium term not gladstone

    1. Children - better conditions - national efficiency and booth etc
    2. Health - national insurance limited success
    3. Labour laws - restructure labour market - collectivism helps better conditions + trade unions better off
    4. People budget 1909 - builds on harcourt 1895 budget - redistribution vs gladstone who wanted to abolish taxation
    5. Limitations - parliament act - no reforms post 1911 + irish situation
    Conclusion - ultimately did more than anyone in the era to help conditions of working class - national efficiency and positive freedom and increasingly collectivist movement, but far off welfare state + women no rights until 1918, nonetheless quite successful

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