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How the hell are you expected to remember 72 studies (OCR) ??!

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    So we're really close to exams now and I'm a little behind on psychology revision, considering the workload of my other subjects, all my friends are also in this situation and I'm trying to get my psych knowledge back up to scratch but even after I have done a revision session, bearing in mind I have tried loads of revision methods, I struggle to recall details such as the name of the study concerned, number of participants and research method used.

    Last year was fine as we only had to remember 12 studies and some approachy stuff for the core studies exam but I'm just at a loss about how the hell I can cram all this knowledge in my head whilst still doing other subjects. Oh and don't even get me started on approaches, debates, inferential statistics, stat tests and the linking and application ********. I am really starting to hate this subject to the extent that I am actually finding chemistry a2 easier.

    Ask your teacher if you need to know the names and dates. In AQA we tell students not to worry too much about them as you won't get marks for simply stating the name and date. We prefer the information to be decent rather than pedantic facts.

    Mindmaps are good. One colour for each unit. Start with a large A£ paper and write everything down. Then move onto an A4 size paper and try to reduce the writing. Then move onto A5/Flashcards.
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Updated: April 23, 2016
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