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Do muslims see the West as a moral cesspit?

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    (Original post by BenC1997)
    Because one can live a 'Muslim' life in places such as the UK whilst also receiving things one wouldn'tfind in places such as Saudi Arabia:

    A decent welfare state
    Not being killed in the most cruel ways for the most minor of discretions.
    Criticise everything about the state whilst being able to label any criticism of yourself as 'islamaphobic.'
    The privilege of always being the 'real victim ' of any given situation.

    It's hardly a bad deal.
    missed closet homosexual

    (Original post by Aceadria)
    Believe what you want, h333. Different people have differing belief systems but my issue is when people blindly follow something without fully understanding the consequences or reasons behind it. One of the beauties of Europe is that people have the 'right' to believe what they want.

    Good for you!
    Yeah i agree no one should really blindly accept a belief system without fully being convinced etc and islam encourages that anyways...plus you cant be a muslim until you are fully convinced and accept from heart. And I am glad I am not in that category.

    Well yes in europe you can believe in what you want but do not dismiss the whole world lol. There are all sorts of people all around the world.

    The fact of the matter is, yes a lot of the things we witness are against our religion but the west is well run state of land whereas the muslim countries are just idiot and just fight amongst each other, due to corruption of our religion from these terrorists like; ISIS, Al qaeda, Taliban, Al shabab, these are ruining our countries
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Updated: April 25, 2016
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