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F1 job in Infectious Diseases

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    Hi current doctors,

    Just wondering if anyone's done an F1 post in ID? If so, are there any general tips and advice you'd give to someone about to start the job? Also what are the best resources to look at in terms of books/websites? I'll be based at Brighton so perhaps a good grasp of HIV & AIDs/its management/complications/drugs as a starting point?


    If it's like most ID wards, most of what you will have will be cellulitis/gastroenteritis/pneumonia. The bonus occasional stuff will be TB, malaria. Maybe HIV too.

    Not to curb your enthusiasm, but to be frank, you'll be an FY1: 99% of what you do will be secretarial work/phlebotomy - your medical knowledge will be of very limited relevance.

    The most important thing is probably to be able to manage the first 2 minutes of managing a sick patient before your reg arrives, although you may never use that knowledge either.


    Never stop reading and willing to learn. I do, however, agree with the above posts that FY1 main duty is admin work + bloods/cannulas.

    Good Luck!

    It depends on your local ward. Our ID Unit was filled with patients with AIDS getting treatment for opportunistic infections. They also had a couple of people with resistant TB in the special isolation room. Plus some unfortunate travelers who came back home with cerebral malaria or yellow fever. I remember being anxious about doing something wrong and catching Ebola or some other exotic plague.

    Your actual required knowledge of infectious disease is, as mentioned above, fairly minimal! ID is a senior heavy specialty. It's very interesting to learn from, but your best bet is probably just mugging up on basic F1 stuff if you're determined to do some work. Calls to chest pain, vomiting, managing pain, fluids etc. - because otherwise it's mostly admin, bloods and cannulas. And most of the admin (like where to send their weird and wonderful lab tests) you can only learn on the job really, it'll be different wherever you are.

    'cause you won't be managing AIDs. Messing with HIV medication unless on their direct orders actually counts as an unthinkable sin to all HIV Consultants

    Where I am, it's mostly HIV, TB and returned travellers from abroad.
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