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Is it just me or are social interactions at grammar schools far more hierarchical?

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    (Original post by TercioOfParma)
    To be fair, they used to be a country wide thing, and a lot of the counties withdrew them and now only a few remain

    Great job for succeeding though
    Yep, they were withdrawn. I don't get why some were allowed to stay open though. That's where the huge inequality comes from

    (Original post by TercioOfParma)
    I wasn't aware we were robots
    I wasn't either :toofunny:

    But honestly they were very disciplined which I appreciated and all but just boring most time to hold a conversation with.

    They are very clever though.

    I am currently in year 13 and have been at a grammar school since year 7. I have a twin brother who didn't pass the entrance exam and went to the local comprehensive. He ended up transfering to the grammar school in year 8 due to extenuating circumstances as he was being bullied so much at the comprehensive for wanting to learn and handing in his homework on time. He as since flourished at the grammar school and has made some great friends. Comprehensive schools are not always the best option as students who genuinely want to learn can be looked over for more troublesome students as they take up all the teachers time. My local comprehensive in the whole year group only 2 people got 10 GCSE's A*-C and both of those were students who applied for the grammar school but didn't pass the test.

    The grammar school itself has the same groups of people in it as you would find in practically any other school. The fact that you have to pass an exam at the age of 11 doesn't prevent there from being a range of abilities within and personalities. The reason I think grammar schools do well in tests is based off how much the school as a whole does to help the students succeed and reach their potential. My grammar school was in a middle class area and the majority of the students are middle class as it doesn't have any term fees it is simply pass a test when you are 10/11.
    There was some elitism and pride about the fact that the students go to this particular school but it was deserved for how hard the students worked to achieve the high grades.
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Updated: May 4, 2016
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