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Undergraduates - the first week?

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    What happens on the first week? I've applied for Psychology, and I'm interested in what students do at their first week of University. (I'm living off campus, if that makes any difference) Thanks in advance.

    I studied Psychology too!

    I think we had a week of no lectures from the 21/09/15 - 28/09/15

    In the first week (28/09/15 to 04/10/15) we had introductory lectures and socials to meet other students and lecturers.
    They introduced the different modules and outlined what we had to do and topics included as well as some brief info on exams.
    A lot of the time is dedicated to freshers activities, theres something every night for about 2 weeks and then the freshers fair with pizza and free stuff.
    Societies and sports sign ups happen, you can look around campus and familiarise yourself with everything.

    I lived off campus too, at Liberty Court. It doesn't make much of a difference except getting to Keele can take a while sometimes.
    The first week is tailored to meeting others and making friends as well as making sure you settle in fine. They ease you into uni life and help you adjust.

    If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me x


    There are loads of things that go on during Welcome Week at Keele! There’s a Welcome Guide available here www.keele.ac.uk/welcome
    There are a number of sign up fairs where you can find out about all the Societies we offer and if there’s a sports team you’d like to get involved in. There are also representatives from the local area so you can find out what’s close by.

    KeeleSU runs Fresher's Week which is a bunch of activities that happen throughout the day aswell as an event every night for the entire week from headphones discos to comedy nights to live headlining acts. You can see more of what has happened inthe past here: keelesu.com/freshers

    Last year also saw the Welcome Festival, plus a range of help desks from IT, Student Money, Student Support and Disability Services, Mindfulness Outdoors, Cycle Group and more. Various religious services opened their doors, such as the Chapel. There was also a barbecue last year for Off-Campus and Commuting students. We had a Languages Fair if you’re eligible to take elective language modules. Heritage Walks also take place so you can learn about our history.

    There’s so much going on and there’s something for everyone! If you like going out or you’d rather something more chilled in the evening or if you’d rather find something to do in the day instead, there’s usually something to suit everyone!

    In terms of lectures, as the previous post already explains, they’ll be a series of introductory lectures for you to get to know your lecturers, a bit more about the course and what to expect throughout your time here, and also meet a bunch of students who are all in the same position as you!

    If you have any more questions we’d be happy to answer.

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