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Advanced Higher English - Possible Exam Questions

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    Since it's a new exam, I was wondering if anyone had any ideas about what sort of questions might come up given the lack of past papers. I know that they changed the question style from the specimen to the exemplar paper to make it more broad. I'm hoping for broad questions as we seem to be one of the few classes only doing one set of texts (Great Gatsby and A Handful of Dust).

    I was thinking safe bets to prepare a little bit for, given previous exams, are:

    Turning Point
    Difficult/Complex Relationships
    Flawed Character/Protagonist
    Narrative Structure

    Any other ideas for possible questions?

    My class hasn't done prose fiction this year, but my teacher told us that because before the questions were actually subdivided into one for each author/poet/playwright that the remnants of that will still be noticeable.
    Like there may not be an actual Tennessee Williams or Sylvia Plath labeled question - but there will be questions which are pretty clearly directed towards them. I know for example in our prelim we had one blatantly obvious Shakespeare question about the "fatal flaw" of a character in two plays.
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    Ah yeah - that makes a lot of sense. I think I once read that nearly 40% of people doing the drama section for the New Higher did Tennessee Williams, so it would be stupid to not have a question geared towards him if the trend continues for Advanced Higher. I also noticed that they kept a setting question in both the specimen and exemplar paper for prose fiction, and had a setting question for Drama for the exemplar. I'm hoping that a lot of staple questions from the Highers get carried on.

    Is anyone studying Heart of Darkness for the final exam?
    I'm studying Dorian Gray and Heart of Darkness - DG is perfect and is a great book, but HoD is the worst piece of literature I've ever read, and any analysis I've done on it is minimal. I've been getting anywhere from 13-15 out of 20 on timed essays though.
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Updated: May 3, 2016
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