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How to revise economics [A level] ?

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    Hello everyone,Im from Mauritius and im currently doing A level Cambridge. I needed revision tips for economics even though i did economics before...For my IGCSE/O level I revised abruptly and got a B for Economics :/. My aim for A level is to get an A* for that but this is the only subject that i do not have a way of studying...So please share your revision tips for that subject and tell me in steps what should i do..

    PS: O level Revision techniques wont work perfectly for A levels...Thanks

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    Hi, i am an A level economics student too! for my revision i first read all the notes from booklets/books provided by the school and make a summary of the important points. There are many useful and accurate revision notes here on TSR so you can easily print them highlight them if you dont like writing out the notes yourself. Most importantly you have to solve past papers and look at mark schemes to understand what the examiners want. Make sure you use the data provided for you and base your points and evaluations on the data (this what our teachers always say) and also a bit of further reading of articles related to the syllabus would help you understand the context better! solving past papers and understanding the structure of questions is the key in econ i think, i hope this helps
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    My tuition teacher actually gives us notes in question forms..Reading them is okay but the problem is that i wont remember it for long..For summary,economics is HArD to summarise....All information are important..
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Updated: April 30, 2016
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