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Foundation medicine programme

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    Hi guys, I am currently studying biology, chemistry, maths and psychology. I want to go medicine and thought of applying for the foundation pathway. However I only have 3A's and 5 B's and am predicted CCCC in AS but I think I can raise my predicted grades if I do well in my AS exams (hoping for a ABBB). Reading other people's stats who are also applying for the foundation pathway, I don't think I will be successful.
    What do you guys think? Do GCSE's really matter?
    Any other information you guys have about medicine and foundation programmes then please let me know. Also I wanna hear your stories and how you got into medicine so enlighten me.
    Thank you

    A lot of foundation courses are usually only for people that are not qualified for traditional entry and the grade requirements are usually the same. As you are studying chemistry and biology this would exclude you from applying. Its not supposed to be an easy back door into Medicine.
    In these programmes, typically students have good grades but did not take chemistry at A level, are ex-nurses or other health practitioner and people who have demonstrated aptitude to study medicine while not following the traditional route.

    There are foundation programs however that accept lower grades such as Nottingham and Durham provided you come from some kind of disadvantaged background,

    with requirements such as.

    Group A
    • Living in a neighbourhood that is less advantaged in terms of income, education and other factors (we use a postcode tool to assess this).
    • Are, or have previously been, in local authority care/looked after.(A confirmation letter from the Local Authority is required).
    • Living in a household with an income of no more than £35,000.Confirmation of current Child Tax Credit or an equivalent means-tested benefit (such as the new Universal Credit system; documentary evidence required).
    • Currently a sole carer of a parent/s, or if living away from home being the sole carer of a sibling. (A confirmation letter from your school is required).
    • Currently have refugee status (A letter from the Home Office is required).

    If you fall into the second category then you need to do you research and apply for the right schools.
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