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Is it Porphyria - help??

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    Sat here panicking / worrying about this. Went on holiday, had a good time. Spent few days at a hotel before returning to the UK was fine. Got badly sunburnt (back was on fire) as did my friend but did the usual (cool compress, aloe vera) to soothe area. Returned to UK skin settled but a week later my skin started to play up; tingling, burning, abdominal cramps. HOWEVER upon inspection of my skin I have no rash or blisters (I didn't blister from the sun burn just slightly peeled on my shoulders).

    I've visited the GP 3 times, even Out of Hours at the hospital to try & work out what's wrong, & nobody has any idea (been prescribed Omeprazole as 1 GP things it's acid, another GP given Buscupan, & I've been given Emollient wash from another GP) . I've had blood test done, that came back normal, usual tests have all been fine (BP, Temperature). At my wits ends as the itching, tingling, burning & stomach cramps is getting on my nerves so I turned to google. A few things have flagged but in particular Porphyria! Having read up on this I'm now absolutely petrified because the stomach cramps I've got, but I don't have the typical rash / blisters associated with it. My friend came on holiday with me and she too is suffering similar but not the stomach cramps anymore, hers' has settled.

    Question - would the blood test I had done show abnormality to porphyria, or is this something my GP would have to specifically request? Does anyone here suffer with this condition?

    Would very much appreciate any responses...& I'm going back to my GP tomorrow.
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    I should also add I'm also getting odd chills / shivering every so often, sometimes I go really hot & ive started having odd cramps in my right calf (but I've always had cramps on / off in that leg).

    Also when the sun is shining through the windscreen my tummy starts to hurt again. However I have noticed that my tummy gurgles / grumbles a lot lately, & I always feel hungry, even after having a good sized meal.
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Updated: April 24, 2016
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