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How to strucure a 10/15 mark Q? Edexcel AS level.

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    As the title reads, I have the content nailed down but little knowledge of how to put it into a coherent structure which would be worthy of a high grade. For both Unit 1 and Unit 2.
    Any answers would be highly appreciated.

    My geography teacher always recommends to lay out the 10 mark question as if its 3x3 paragraphs. So start with a one line or two line introduction if you wish but this isn't normally credited. Then state, develop and develop further for three separate points in order to get top marks. Furthermore, the inclusion of case study specifics whenever possible is essential and a clear flow in writing.

    As for the 15 markers, follow the same general layout but 4 paragraphs or more. Although for the fieldwork and research questions in Unit 2 (doesn't matter which topics you do) one approach is to discuss 3 fieldwork and 3 research methods to maintain a balance between the two and gain marks for depth.

    I'm sure you can get full makrs using different writing structures but this is just the auggested way from one of my geography teachers.

    Hope this helps!


    I assume this is about Unit 1, I'm doing A2 at the moment so I can hopefully be of some help.

    For the 10 marker you want to use the source inside and out, make sure you cover all of the main stuff on there. You want to also bring in some outside knowledge in order to strengthen your essay and show greater understanding of the source, this helps you backup everything. I'd say just do a few paragraphs and make sure it's done in about 15 mins (I can't quite remember timings.)

    For 15, I would say to do between 3-4 paragraphs, as well as an introduction and conclusion. Make sure you include case studies in each paragraph (of course) and work in some facts just to impress the examiner. I would say just do the standard PEEL (Point, evidence, explain, link) structure. So make your point, use case studies to back it up, explain it a bit and then just have a sentence to link it back to the question. Make sure you come to a definitive conclusion as well, as that pushes you up.

    Hope that was of some help
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    Thank you, both! Extremely helpful!

    hey guys I'm really struggling to fieldwork i liv abroad i dubai and Iive been entered as a private student i do crowded coasts and rebranding. help will be much appreciated ,I'm so stressed thank yo u any assistance will be amazing
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Updated: April 27, 2016
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