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Should I leave university?

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    I feel like I'm in prison. I hate the course I am doing, I hate studying, I have no friends here, I have no life outside my course and I'm going insane. I am getting to the end of second year but the way things are going I am looking to fail because I lack any ounce of motivation to carry on, I've already failed one of my assignments. Since I came up here I have started to develop mental health problems. Last year I took a year out to recover and be with family and I thought things had got better but once I returned to university I started having the same issues. I cannot concentrate or bring my self to do any assignments, I can't even focus on text. I've tried to seek medical help and all they do is offer me medication that makes me feel suicidal or put me on year long waiting lists for counsellors. All of this hassle when I know all it will take for me to recover is to leave university altogether.

    The problem is that I have taken out 4 years worth of student loan so far and it will hurt to have this debt over me for the next 30 years without even getting a degree. Also, I wouldn't know what to do to make a living. My current degree leads straight into a career, albeit a career I'm not particularly interested in. But without a degree I'm scared I will have no options. However even with these cons I really don't feel like I can be here any longer. I feel trapped and don't know what to do, any advice? Should I just leave?

    be a doctor, save the world, live happily ever after

    How much longer do you have left? If you've taken out 4 years of funding it sounds like you're nearly finished. If that is the case I think it would be unwise to drop out now so close to finishing, unless it's affecting your mental health to the point you may become a danger to yourself.

    Also if you haven't already you should speak to the universities mental health services. You'll likely be given some sort of counsellor or therapist who will be a great person to share the burden you feel with.
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Updated: April 24, 2016
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