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What do you think about people on benefits?

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    (Original post by Serine Soul)
    I only saw one question there 'how optimistic of human nature are you?'
    I think you still ignored that single question though

    It depends on the person on benefits. If the person genuinely needs to be on benefits, I don't really think much of them. If the person on benefits is a woman who gives births to kids to cash in checks or a man who intentionally injures himself then they're people robbing the "system".
    Some people actually need benefits to survive. I don't think is far to assume all people or most people on benefits are lazy. Stuff happens. You can lose your job, get in a car accident preventing you from working, born with physical or mental problem... stuff happens, ya know?

    I sincerely hope that none of you people moaning ever find yourselves being made redundant and needing to claim. What sort of society would we be if we decided some people were deserving of benefits yet others weren't?

    Let's take a second to think about this. How many of you would PREFER to live on benefits than have a job? I bet none of you. So what makes you think these people do?

    People on benefits don't have a cushy life. I work part time and currently get some benefits. I am comfortable because my ex partner/son's father has a well paid job and my bills are low. Not everyone is that lucky. I work in a homeless hostel and we do food parcels to give to those in need. You wouldn't believe how many people need to use this system.

    A person on benefits long-term will never have any kind of financial security. They won't own their own homes. They probably won't have any savings or anything to pass onto their children. Anyone who thinks that's an easy enjoyable lifestyle is ridiculous. Carry on letting the Channel 4 "documentaries" and the daily mail brainwash you while you ignore the real scroungers of the country - tax dodging politicians and bankers.

    It's nigh on impossible to fiddle the system these days, it's hard enough for genuine claimants(especially disabled people) to get what they're entitled to. You get the odd one that slips through the net that makes a good headline in the Mail or the Sun but they're few and far between.

    The days of milking the system are well and truly over, now that child tax-credits are limited to two children going forward.
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Updated: May 1, 2016
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