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My heart is not in it any-more :(

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    I am about to complete my second year at university and I am so close, but my heart really is not in it any-more! I study social sciences (as you'll see in my name).

    I never knew what I wanted to do in my life to be honest. At first, it was social worker, then it was something to do with criminology.. By this time, I have well and truly decided what I want to do and that is to work within the healthcare industry which I have done as a care worker. My university is low ranking and the employment prospects are quite frankly, not that good.

    I worked in an apprenticeship/NVQ office as administrator doing an NVQ myself and I absolutely loved it! So I have decided on NVQ assessor course. I loved the type of work they do, and oddly enough - the paperwork and marking and supporting students! It's definitely my thing. I have already organised a 24+ student loan (I called SFE and I am eligible), and what course I need to do, etc. Also got a placement in place ready to start to do my QCF/NVQ Level 3 in H&SC.

    However I am slightly stuck! I am about to finish my second year, so if I leave now: what am I going to end up with? A diploma or a foundation degree? Also what is going to happen to my maintenance loan? Do I have to repay all of the two years back? I understand I will need to pay tuition fees back, but instead of wasting another 9k at university on a degree that will not get my anywhere, I am going for a course that will get me somewhere in life.

    Thanks in advance, but do you think it is the right thing here? Has anybody ever dropped out of university and regretted it?

    i dunno how thread title matches the OP
    i came here to read something else... that title is pretty catchy
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    (Original post by fatima1998)
    i dunno how thread title matches the OP
    i came here to read something else... that title is pretty catchy
    Okay lol

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    As with all student loans, it will sit and grow interest until you are earning enough to start paying it back. It depends if you got a loan or a grant.
    I'm not sure what qualification you'll come out with, it would be worth asking about that before you decide to quit the course, it may be worth seeing out one more year and getting through it, at least so you have the degree. You can still go and retrain after you come out of uni.

    Sometimes it's good to jump ship and start on something new. I only managed one year of uni before deciding the course wasn't what I wanted to do, and things worked out in the end.
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Updated: April 28, 2016
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