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Who are the winners of the EU membership?

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    It's the Europeans
    "The Whitehall document shows EU citizens are overwhelmingly the biggest winners in the British jobs market, responsible for 75 per cent of the growth in employment.
    Among the findings the analysis shows graduates from Eastern Europe are taking low-skilled jobs, topped up by “generous in-work benefits, without having contributed, from Day One”.
    European Economic Area (EEA) nationals are scooping more than £3.1billion of the annual £27.2billion in-work benefits bill, the report says.
    And they now represent around six per cent of the working-age population - but receive more than 10 per cent of the in-work benefit spend.
    The Department for Work and Pensions’ document said such movement is hugely reducing chances of getting lower-skilled British citizens into work and making it hard to achieve “social policy objectives”.
    Looking at migration levels, the document says there are “unprecedented” numbers of people entering the country - the equivalent of a “new Coventry” every year."

    What type of paper is the Express?
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