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Would you break off a relationship that lasted nearly 3 years.

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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    But that isnt the only reason I'm staying with him :/
    Then it's obviously not as black and white as you're making it sound. TSR can be a good sounding board in these cases, but every relationship is different and I wouldn't walk away from this thread thinking "Well, 3 people agreed with me, so it's obviously the right choice". People have different things going on in their lives at different times, and a good relationship is about making it work when that inbalance exists, if you do actually want to make it work. It's all well and good saying that he never wants to travel and you do, but does he actually never want to travel? Or can he not right now? What are his life goals? What are yours? Why are they so different?

    Do you see a future with him? Have you ever seen a future with him? These are the questions you need to ask yourself.

    Personally, for me it would come down to this: Do I truly love the person and see a future with them? If so I'd do whatever it took to make it work in the long run, even if it meant making some compromises in the short term.
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    (Original post by lucy_98)
    I did in December. I loved that boy, so, so much. But we were different people by the time three years had passed. We'd grown up together but our interests had changed. We had different ideas of the future and some of his thoughts I just couldn't understand. If you don't want the same things, I think it's a perfectly logical thing to do.
    (Original post by Alice__90)
    I married very young (21). We were together for 5 years and we seperated after realising we wanted different things. I'm 25 now and I'm just beginning to discover and learn about myself.

    You can love someone but ultimately if it's not right it's not right. I made the mistake of continuing a relationship to the point of marriage because I was too "comfortable" and afraid of letting others down. Unfortunately I let myself down in the process.
    (Original post by insert-username)
    I broke off a 4 year relationship back in december for similar reasons among many other things.

    You've already said it's going nowhere, your life plans aren't compatible- neither of you are willing to bend for the other. Why waste more time dragging along a futile relationship? You'll only make an inevitable break up harder in the future by adding more years.

    It doesn't mean your time together wasn't worthwhile, and it doesn't diminish the value of the relationship you had. Stop wasting each other's time and let it go.
    Its all over 😭😭😭

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    Its all over 😭😭😭
    *hugs* I know you'll probably be questioning whether you did the right thing but time is the best healer. Well done, it's not easy to do what you did. Keep your head up, you'll be fine.
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    (Original post by Alice__90)
    *hugs* I know you'll probably be questioning whether you did the right thing but time is the best healer. Well done, it's not easy to do what you did. Keep your head up, you'll be fine.
    Thank you for the support. This really sucks.
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