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What should I do and think?

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    Okay so there is this new guy at work been working a bit with him recently. Turns out he went to the same school as my best friend (male friend who has had a crush on me for the two years ive known him) and they were friends but lost contact when they went to different colleges. Automatically we got on really well and no one else seems to get on with him like i do we can have a really good laugh while others dont seem to be on the same wavelength. Had a couple of break times with him and just laughed all the time.
    When he came to interview he went swimming straight after with who i guess was his girlfriend and i was lifeguarding but this was like 3 months ago so im not sure whether they are still together - he hasnt spoken of her.
    Had a few really great shifts with him but dont know when ill next see him because hes a casual and im contracted and not many shifts going at the moment.
    Spoke to my friend about him and he said we are total opposites and that if anything happened with me and him then he couldnt be friends with me because of how he feels for me .
    There is plenty of eye contact with us and its always a laugh - i dont have facebook or his number or anythubg so i cant talk to him or anything just hoping we're on shift together.
    Not really aure hiw i feel for him but i was really happy on saturday night after finishing work on shift with him and then upset sunday cause he wasnt working so nothing - i cant stop thinkinh about him and being with him thats all i want to be is woth him.
    Also both in our final year of college and he wants to go to univeraity on the otherside of the country but im staying local so if anything happened it probably wouldnt last.
    I guess i just want to speak to someone about this because o dont know what to do or think - all i know is that i miss him when we're not together and it hurts being away from him and not seeinh him or knowing when ill see him again.

    If he's moving away I suggest you keep having fun with him but don't try to take it in a romantic direction. Also, try to keep in touch with him after he moves off - you can always Skype and stuff.
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