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    Hi guys,
    I'm currently trying to decide on where to go next year and am stuck between Loughborough and Manchester to complete a management degree. Although Loughborough seems to tick a lot of boxes, in particular the course strength and the quality of sports. However one area I'm worried about is the night life and social side. I appreciate the fact that this shouldn't be a huge factor, but if I'm living in a place for 3/4 years I want to be able to enjoy myself and not get bored. Obviously Manchester is a huge city with a renowned night life and has lots to offer due to its size.If anyone has a general guide to nightlife in Loughborough and also how expensive it is compared to other places they've been it would be greatly appreciated

    Loughborough gets fairly boring pretty quickly, the union has three nights a week every week but you'll soon find they're repetitive and the same even if there's a different variety of music/DJs things happening, there'a a few nights out in town which too get boring pretty quickly as it is the same thing every week

    Personally I think the night life at Loughborough is brilliant! Despite being a market town and not a big city like Manchester it is great fun for a night out. The SU has 3 nights a week which are the biggest SU events in the country and the clubs/bars in town are always extremely lively.

    No doubt Loughborough out of term time is incomparable to the big cities. However, the benefit to Loughborough being a student town is that during the university term (when all students are here) nights out are packed with students. I have friends that regularly come back to Loughborough even when working in London because of the night life.

    In my experience the Hall committees regularly put on large scale events to major cities anyway. I’ve been to Nottingham with huge groups from Loughborough. Certainly from the time I have been here, I couldn't rate it more highly and haven't got bored yet. There is a reason Loughborough always does so well in the student experience.

    Hope that helps.
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