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People who provoke...

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    Okay, so literally about 10 minutes ago, I was walking back home as usual, and these kids were walking towards me, opposite me on the pavement. Stopping by the zebra crossing, I hear a girl yell "willysnot" behind my left ear, to which I look at her and simply ask, "what?". My reaction is apparently funny enough to which they start giggling like a bunch of five year olds. And then this boy walks up to me, close proximity, and asks if I'm "alright"; (like a chav would say if they walked into the McDonalds toilets and greeted the guy using the urinal next to them). I simply stared at him for about 5 seconds (though during the time it feels a lot longer) and then crossed the road.

    The reason I'm typing this is because it seems to be a lot more common nowadays, this provoking and death-wishing. Obviously, I can't hit them because they're like 5-6 years younger than me, so they probably get a kick out of that. It's this sort of psychology which makes me almost feel agoraphobic.

    Simply, they wanted a reaction, and I didn't give them one. Would any of you have responded differently? And do you find that this happens a lot?

    I wouldve said, what did your parents say about speaking to strangers


    Its hard to explain without a reference. Cause and effect is law. People do this perhaps to get there friends to like them or degrade others to keep themselves high. I've been on both sides and when provoking others i do see the humor, but if it goes overboard then it can be a problem. A chat with a random person if not forced is fine. Just ask normal and treat others with respect. They'll get confused and get mind****ed. Thats my usual strategy and one advisable with the police. However if some hooligans do try to intimidate or threaten you physical mandate and justice is above all! Within reason*
    Everything i do is controlled by logic. Thats one of the things i do and sure i go against it and am a hypocrite but dealing with things and moving on is not gonna stop me. This world is flawed and so are people. Pity them, hate them, envy them just relish in the fact that we are all mere humans and subject to law above the government.

    You'll pay for this laws of thermodynamics !
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Updated: April 25, 2016
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