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Emergency help needed pls

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    Ok sorry for the alarming title but this really is an emergency. My exams start next week but my bio exam is in the middle of next month and i feel completely unable to study for it. Everytime i try to revise concepts I've already studied before, its like nothing goes in and i start stressing and confuse my self on the material. I dont know why this happening but im pretty ok at bio and i know i am capable of getting an A* but i dont know whats causing this hurdle I really need help

    Hey, this is literally so common, don't worry. I spent all easter revising for a exam I had today, and each day I just thought that I couldn't do it anymore and that nothing was going in, but there are ways to avoid that. Basically, you don't actually learn anything if your brain isn't engaged, if you're just reading over text, then your brain is in passive mode and it won't actually remember anything. So what you need to do is adjust your revision so that you actually begin having to think about stuff, and the best way to do this is to explain things to other people, and to do flashcards. What I did for my exam was make flashcards and then got someone to test me on them, or I just tested myself if no one was available, this way, you actually begin utilising your memory in order to recall what's on the flashcards. What you'll eventually find is that you'll be able to remember more or less everything on the flashcards if you just keep going through them.

    Other things that might help is take breaks, although this doesn't always work because if you're like me, you might not actually make use of your breaks, another thing is to get motivated by something, I usually find that listening to some epic music and drinking coffee gets me really hyped to revise, it does help.

    But yh, I was pretty anti-flashcard when I was at school, but they are really effective if you're struggling to actually take anything in

    This is what i would do, please note that people are different:
    Cry myself to sleep Depressed mode stage 1
    Suicidal thoughts Stage 2
    Nihilism Stage 3

    Resolve and determination manifesting due to the above and something else. A reason or no reason at all. Just something to remind you of your existence. Why? You dont need to think of how . The reason alone will guide you blindly but truthly.
    PIERCE THROUGH THE HEAVENS WITH YOUR DRILL SIMO.. i mean tgys44. All you need is a resolve to study. Most of us here are probably all nighters studying until the birds mock you in the morning but still you must continue.
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Updated: April 25, 2016
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