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Effect of Withdrawal/Leave of Absence on Funding?

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    I've passed my 1st year and did well in the first semester of year 2 however I've been ill and have missed the whole of semester 2 so am now looking at either withdrawing or taking a leave of absence - I'm not sure if/when I'd be able to start attending again at the moment so I'm not sure whether I ought to withdraw but I don't want to lose everything I've done so far as I can't afford to pay the fees myself if I had to redo everything.

    Does anyone know whether, if I withdraw, I can then resume my studies a few years down the line or would I have to start again from year one and would SFE fund that or just the first 2 years as I've used 2 years of funding already?

    Also, if I withdraw now, will I be liable to pay back any money immediately? Would waiting until the end of the year and then leaving be a better option? Does it matter if I haven't attended any classes this semester - will it be backdated to my last day of attendance? And if I were to go in tomorrow and sign a register, would that be that problem solved or does it need to be consistent attendance?

    Also does anyone know if taking a leave of absence restricts what you can do before returning? I'm thinking of starting an apprenticeship or working when I'm up to it and just wondered whether there's any kind of rule that stops you working towards another qualification while on leave of absence from uni?

    Hi there.

    If you decide to return to a course later on down the line, it will be up to the institution at which you study to decide if you need to begin a course from year one again or can enter directly into one of the latter years.

    When you withdraw/suspend, some of the funding we have given you can go into 'over-payment'. Because we pay you in advance, we may have given you funding for a period you are now not in attendance, and we may ask for some of this back.

    Normally for a student who has begun at least two years of a course and then goes on to begin a new course from year one, we would not be able to issue full funding in year one. However, if this is due to medical issues you can send in evidence of this such as a letter from a GP or the uni itself and we can consider awarding you an additional year, meaning that even if you begin from year one we can still give you funding for all years of the new course.

    We don't set any restrictions on you working whilst studying or on leave, it's up to you how much you choose to work.

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Updated: April 27, 2016
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