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What do i do?

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    I am currently studying a L3 extended diploma in Engineering, I am targeted D*D*D* and confident i will achieve that. Now here is where things get complicated. I have an interest in Energy Engineering so i applied for 5 degrees at different universities through UCAS.

    One uni i applied for said they are no longer run the course yet they had it up on their website and in their new prospectus.

    At the second uni i applied for 2 different degrees their 1. BEng Energy Engineering 2.BSi renewable energy. They got back to me and said they wanted an A level in maths for the BEng (Yet it did not mention that on their website) but i could get into the BSi Renewable energy with DDM however when i went for the applicant visit day the BSi seemed boring compared to the BEng Energy Engineering. So that's three out of the five wasted

    Third uni i applied for invited me to an applicant visit day. when i got there i realised its was sooooooooooooooooooooo crap i applied for Energy Engineering there yet the whole day they were speaking about mechanical so when i asked about energy engineering they said oh well its more mechanical with abit of energy engineering we have a few lecturers with knowledge on energy. Which again was not expressed on their website and another wasted.

    So it all came down to this uni, i appiled to do Electrical and Energy Engineering and i needed D*D*D* and to sit a Maths exam when i attended the applicant visit day. The thing is i received that offer 1 week before i had to the exam and the topics that was in the exam i havent not yet covered in my L3 course so i had 1 week to try revise everything which i failed because i didnt pass the test.

    Now i have no idea what to do, i don't really want to wait a whole year and apply again but it looks like i have no choice. But then what do i do in that yr do i do the crazy and try fast track arguably the 3 hardest A levels Maths, Physics and Chemistry to give more options when applying for uni next yr? or do i not apply for energy engineering and try get into another uni to do something else? but then again i don't really want to go to a uni without been 110% sure i want to that course because i dont wanna be paying all that money to do something i dont enjoy. Any advise would be appreciated I'm just totally stuck.

    I suggest you first find top 5 universities you want to apply for, which have the course you're interested in (also check social/night life reviews). Then see their requirements and based on that, work to get the grades they ask in A levels.
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Updated: May 7, 2016
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