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Single at 19 and on tinder

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    I'm 19 and never had a serious relationship [yes- virgin] is this bad? Like, i have male friends but only friends. My uni cohort is all female, and flatmates aren't into the party scene, so don't really meet men.
    I'm on tinder too, and matched with this guy months ago, he was really cool, and we got on so well. But conversation has died down, and I seem to be starting it all the time. We didn't message for a couple of months, but I messaged him yesterday to wish him a HB, and we started talking, but again I'm making conversation.
    Its gone from messaging loads, and planning a meet up (couldn't find a date to suit us at the time) to barely talking. No arguments or disagreements.
    Should I just give up now?
    Any suggestions about either welcome!

    Didn't you already make this exact thread?

    To be honest it's really not that hard to find a date when you are both free if you both really want to meet up. Sounds like he's not that interested. Move on.

    Hey, firstly there is definitely NOTHING wrong with not having a serious relationship by 19, I didn't (also hadn't had sex) I'd not even kissed many people, but am now happily married with a child - to the person I met at 19!!! So don't worry sometimes people just don't. I think it probably shows your priorities are in the right order as you've not desperately just found someone to get over the stigma (not saying at all that people who do have relationships/sex before then do this, just some of them).

    As for the guy on Tindr, I'd probably just let that one go and move on. Great if he gets back in touch, but being completely honest, he just doesn't sound that into you, which is no big deal really, I'm sure you'll encounter plenty of guys you're just not that into too! Other reason could be he is too shy to make a move, if you do like him, it could be worth, just messaging him saying - you thought this was going somewhere once, but doesn't seem to be now, if it ever is you'll need to meet - if he does great, if it falls through again there is probably a reason for that.

    Good luck and don't worry about it too much.

    why did you make this again? and yes if he hasn't messaged you for months he's not interested, and if he's being distant now, he's not interested

    You are only 19,dw you have got enough time

    LOOOL OP, you crack me up.
    Im 21 been on tinder for 4 years, not a single match.
    Not a single conversation...

    I literally like everything..but no likes back

    Thats a sign of foreveralone.

    How do you think I feel?
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    So basically TSR duplicated my reply after I edited it slightly. Thanks anyway aha
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Updated: April 26, 2016
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