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Trinity College Law Essay Competition

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    I emailed Trinity yesterday asking if all the winners had been notified and they said they will have been by the end of next week. Maybe some of us still have a chance of getting something...

    Anyone heard anything? I emailed them and they said replies should be forthcoming
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    I just got a reply.

    I didn't win Though it's nice that they're contacting everyone, not just the winners.

    They said that there was 112 entries, which I was somewhat surprised with as I thought there would be more.

    I got personal feedback too. They liked how I 'identified and explored the tensions between freedom of speech and other values (e.g. the protection of individuals from certain harms) in a liberal democratic society and your use of relevant cases to illustrate your points'.

    They also said that I should make my essays less wordy and indicating in my introduction the course that the rest of my essay will take. They recommended I read an essay by George Orwell on effective essay writing.

    It's fine that I didn't win though, because I can still use my participation in the competition in my personal statement as evidence of enthusiasm.

    I also got personal feedback. They told me to direct my argument in my introduction, and although they were impressed with the range of topics I covered, they recommended that I focus more closely on one or two. I'm happy that in the end we did get a reply.

    😕 Anyone got similar emails?

    "Dear Richard,I am writing in connection with the Robert Walker Essay Prize. The field of essays was very strong and, as judges we were impressed by the quality and breadth of the answers. While I have to inform you that your essay did not win, we found it very interesting and as a result of its strength of argument we classed it as “commended”, within the top third of all essays received. It addressed the question and brought a range of perspectives. Your success is all the greater considering we had 112 entries, the largest number ever received.We were impressed particularly by your clear and engaging writing style and your identification and critique of alternative viewpoints. As for improving your essays in the future, you might consider using academic works, real case studies and statistics (as relevant) to support your points.Thank you for your entry, and well done. We wish you the best of luck with your future legal endeavours. I see that you are an international student, but if you ever happen to be visiting Cambridge, we hope you'll stop by to see the College.Yours faithfully,Timothy ParkerPhD Candidate in LawTrinity College"

    Yes, Tim Parker must be a busy man.
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Updated: June 22, 2016
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