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Is it too late to revise?

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    My mental health has deteriorated this year and it has impacted my grades as I have no motivation to revise. I can feel myself giving up on school when I've always enjoyed it in the past.

    I'm in my last year of school and am due to take A2 exams in just over a month and I haven't started revising. Is it too late? I feel like I've thrown away years of education.


    From tomorrow start revising, just do it.

    No, but do go and see your gp and talk to your teachers.

    Hey, i was seriously depressed last year and it had a really big impact on my grades going from like A*/A at GCSE to getting CDDU in my As levels.
    I started revising about 2 weeks ago and i think starting late is perfect because its not long enough to have forgotten the things you've learnt.Now I'm due to get BBC which is enough to get into uni next year.

    Trust me. Just force yourself to start revising and once you get going it really isn't that bad.

    i also found that when i started revising and getting used to doing a couple of hours a day my depression has just gone... hopefully it could help you too?

    (Original post by wintervevo)
    My mental health has deteriorated this year and it has impacted my grades as I'm finding daily tasks difficult and have no motivation to revise. I can feel myself giving up on school when I've always enjoyed it in the past.

    I'm in my last year of school and am due to take A2 exams in just over a month and I haven't started revising. Is it too late? Should I give up?
    I'm at a loss as to whether there is any point in revising now. I feel like I've thrown away years of education.
    Don't give up! It is certainly not too late, a month is a good amount of time, and giving up could be the worst thing to do for yourself. :hugs:
    I understand it is probably hard for you but persevere, you have not thrown away years of education yet!
    However, if you do decide that dropping your A levels would be beneficial to your health then don't hesitate to do what is best for your health.
    But just the fact that you're here asking this question indicates you have still got it within you to succeed and motivate yourself, you're showing that you do want to succeed. I believe in you. Good luck!

    It is never too late to start revising.
    You start now, that's a whole month until your first exam- you'll be fine! You can do an extortionate amount in a month, trust me.
    I felt (and still do) feel the same lack of ambition with my studies due to issues with mental health. My grades did drop in my mocks (I actually failed my chemistry mock, and I'm normally a straight A student), and I felt horrific when I realised my actual A Levels were coming up, especially since a lot of my teachers had given up on me after one error, and I believed that I just couldn't do it. I couldn't bring myself to look at anything as I'd convinced myself I'd already ruined it, and thrown away any chance at success, never mind getting accepted into uni.
    Similarly to you, I left it late to start revising, later than you have in fact, but I got there in the end. Slowly I managed to picture what I wanted to get out of this and not wanting to waste my years of education and I managed to do a little bit here and there, and I passed all of my A Levels (Geography, Biology and Chemistry) with an AAC respectively- high enough to actually get scholarship money from uni!
    It is never too late to start
    I know it's rough right now, and honestly, I recommend you try visiting your GP to see if you can get some help if you're having mental health troubles, as they really could make all the difference to you. But I also have faith that you can pull yourself through these exams and come out on top!
    Worst comes to worst and you maybe don't get exactly what you wanted, I'm telling you now, in advance, that that is not failure. You are young. A levels are not the be all end all. You can resit them next year if needs be(I have friends who are doing that, it's really not as bad as it may seem).
    I'm wishing you so much luck for your exams, I know you can pull through and I'm sending really big hugs, because I know it's difficult. But please don't give up. You haven't wasted anything- you are more important than your exams, and more important than an education. If you do need to take the time out to take care of yourself, prioritise that and come back to exams when you're in a right mind.
    Hope you're doing okay! xx
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