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    We've been beavering away producing a learning app to help everyone doing exams.

    The plan is to develop and improve it all summer but the very first version is ready to be put through its paces.

    This just includes the Get Revising revision timetable creator/study planner.

    You'll be able to make and edit your revision timetable and sync it to and from the desktop version of Get Revising.

    Future versions will add the past papers tool, resource library and a dashboard to check revision progress.

    Fancy helping us make it as good as it can be? We're looking for some of you to try it out and give us some feedback.

    If you do:

    - you'll need an iPhone or iPad as the initial version of the app will be for Apple devices only.
    - you'll be able to sync an existing planner from Get Revising but not at this point from TSR
    - you can set up a Get Revising account on the app as you won't be able to log in to the app with your TSR account at the moment (you will eventually)

    Want to try it out? Just send me a PM with the user name and the email you use for your Apple account (the user name is usually your actual name).

    We need these details so we can send you an invite to download the test version from the Apple testing app 'Test Flight'.

    All questions and suggestions welcome.

    You should also do this for android
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    (Original post by Infamous*)
    You should also do this for android
    I know. We will get onto that ...

    dammit it works brill on my iPad, shame there it don't work for my android phone... especially with exams round the corner
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Updated: April 27, 2016
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