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Is the university lenient with its offers?

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    I've got an offee dor Msci theoretical physics here.

    Did AS chemistry, maths, furthermaths (self-taught) and physics. Got AAAA. This year I'm doing the same 4 but A2s (self-taught myself furthermaths as well).

    Since my offer is AAA, I'm confident of getting two As in physics and maths. Not sure about chemisty or furhrmaths. Do you think they'll be okay with AAB since I'm doing 4 A2s, one of which is totally self-taught?

    Additional info: I got A*s in my chemistry unit 4 and 5 papers' mocks. I got E in the ISA, however. This is primarily because I'm color-blind and the first exam had lots of color observations. The second ISA exam, I worked my ass off, and still was just a mark higher. Having said that I need a ridiculously high A*s in unit 4 and 5 to pull an overall A off.
    Also, for furthermaths, I can manage an A* in M2, an A or a B in FP2, and a B or a C in M3. So, an overall A is basically out of the question.

    As a rule I don't think Edi is particularly lenient but this isn't my own experiences- this is based on what I've been told by their admissions. However there are always stories of people who marginally missed their offer and were still accepted. You can't really predict it because it depends on the course, the intake and everyone else's results on the day; is it not easier to focus on three A2s only and drop the one that you really aren't confident in to better your chances for the others?
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Updated: April 26, 2016
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