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ADHD/ASD - How do you deal with impulse control

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    So I've got the two disabilities mentioned in the title, and was wondering how those with the same/similar disabilities deal with impulse. Be it anger or anything else?


    No matter how often I got told to count to 10 or take deep breaths it didn't help. There was just a part of my brain that would skip a step when making decisions or reacting to things so even though I know I should look both ways when crossing the road, when I'm actually doing it that thought just doesn't cross my mind. Or even though I can tell you loads of ways to help with anger management when I'm actually angry I just don't think of them at the time.
    The only way I started seeing improvements was when I started taking Concerta, It sort of allows me to chose to use the cognitive techniques. Its like that wee bridge that was broken gets fixed and I'm more likely to think before I do something stupid/ dangerous like crossing without looking or when I'm angry.
    Maybe talk to your doctor about the options open to you, a mix of cognitive behavioral techniques and medication may be way forward if you are having serious issues, I honestly believe a mixture is the best way forward. There's little point in taking the tablets if you don't know how to get the most out of them and there's no point learning all the techniques if they don't come to mind when it matters.

    I have ADD with bad impulse control issues, and honestly I wouldn't have been able to get as far as I have without the assault charge without medication. Because I was diagnosed young my parents were able to help implement methods that on top of the medication help me to this day. I am very impatient and easily frustrated because of the disorder, but I find if I can occupy my mind or keep my hands busy I'm less likely to lash out physically but its much harder to control verbal lashes. So I recommend doodling, counting bricks, playing mental tetris, going over the topic in your head or tapping pens. But I really do think that these are only able to help because of the medication.
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